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Welcome to King's Kids Children's Ministry. At Mid State Church of God, we value our children the most. We are determined to provide our kids with programs and activities that are dynamic and absolutely fun while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We want our kids' programs to be lively and entertaining, but more than anything, we want our contact with the kids to be inspirational and an enrichment time for the children and the workers.

Tim Criner,
Youth Pastor

I'm a King's Kid!
I'm a King's Kid!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to help kids know that they are loved by God while helping them develop Christ-like character.

Kids' Programs

Girls' Clubs - Bluebells, Joybells; contact Amanda England at criner2@msn.com

BluebellesJoy Belles
Girls' Clubs

Pioneers For Christ
Boys' Clubs

Coordinators -
Greg and Michelle Shreve,
contact them at (304)765-2724,

Boys' Clubs -
Champions, ages 5-6
Disciples, ages 7-9
Apostles, ages 10-12

The emphasis for our boys' clubs has two parts:

1. Bible Study
2. Scripture Memorization
3. Understanding our Church of God Heritage.
4. Learning how to be good stewards.
5. Learning to be good church members.

Physical Activities:
1. Tool Craft
2. Fire Craft
3. First Aid
4. Camping Craft
5. Sign Language
6. Hunter Safety

Heir Force Too
- Children's drama group,
coordinators - Amanda Criner, (304)364-4234.

Sunday School
- Time of nurturing and training for children of all ages and education levels. We meet on Sunday morning at 10:00am.

Church of God Sunday School

Children's Events
2008 Mid State Church of God Family Worship Center
Post Office Box 157 | Gassaway, WV 26624 | Phone: (304) 364-8910